Holographic Detector

HoloCam: Low-power wide-field incoherent target detector

State of the art target detection approaches typically use cameras to acquire images of scenes, and employ digital processing algorithms to detect targets of interest. Unfortunately, the camera sensor arrays and soft/hardware based image processing solutions used in these camera-based systems have significant power requirements that render them unsuitable for mobile monitoring applications. Furthermore, in high-speed applications such as semiconductor wafer inspection, the speed of camera-based target detectors is constrained by the need to acquire, transmit, and process enormous amounts of image data. We solve the above power and speed problems by eliminating the need for sensor arrays and image processing. Our device, called as HoloCam, combines a computer generated target hologram and a large-area detector to leverage optical correlation with a novel single-pixel spot/blur classifier and achieves low-power high-speed target detection with a wide field-of-view in room light. [See COSI 2012, COSI 2013]